Creating a vue.js application blank project is pretty easy. Using the "vue cli" will help you to setup the basic environment.

First of all, to install vue/cli we need Node.js installed on our system.

Let's start with the installation of the package using following command:

npm install -g @vue/cli

After installation you can check your installation with the command

vue --version

The vue library would not exist if something goes wrong with the installation.

We have two ways how we can create our project. We could use the Vue UI or we are creating directly from the command line our project. I love the command line.

vue create firstapp

With this command we start the creation of a Vue project with the name "firstapp". We'll then be prompted with the option to pick a default preset or to manually select features. It contains dependencies like babel and eslint. The basic settings are really good and you could use it for your first project. Just follow the steps or use the default preset.

Once the project is done being created, we can run our project with:

npm run serve

Your first vue.js application is running and you can start to create your first experiences with vue. Have fun!