The newest bot for your Discord-Guild!

Automated role assignment based on the ingame-rank for Apex Legends.

Returns gamestats for Apex Legends, Warzone and Fortnite.


New bot to connect your game closer to your own discord server! The question about the rank of the other members in your Discord-Guild is now a piece of the past. Automated role assignment based on the ingame-rank! Further functions are already planned and more interfaces (API) are already waiting to be connected to the network. Supported Games: Apex Legends, Warzone, Fortnite

A cool fact about the bot! - you can invite the bot without having to define special permissions than compared to your guest-members in Discord. Registration, the output of the registered users rank and of course removing your own userdata works without the requirement of special permissions. But if you want to use the "automated role management" you have to define the permission "manage roles" for the bot. For everything else "read/write messages" and to see the textchannels is absolutly sufficient.

Apex roles assignment
Apex Rank response
Fortnite Stats response

Yes, I took the data from another Fortnite-Player while developing :)

If the Bot is not responding: check your channel-permissions first. The bot need to add links (for the images in the message).

Adding the bot:

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  • to see the list of commands just type !ghelp into your textchannel.


This command is to register yourself as a tracked user. The command for example looks like this:

  • !gregister apex origin Originid
  • !gregister warzone BattleNetIdent
  • !gregister fortnite pc Epic-nickname

Apex Platform-Values:

  • xbox
  • psn
  • origin

Fortnite Platform-Values:

  • pc
  • gamepad
  • touch

The bot will response with a welcome message and will directly return your current rank. Now you are registered and on every discord-server with this bot you're a known tracked user. This is really interesting if the guild-owner has activated the automated role assignment. You will directly get the role based on your rank when the owner of the discord-server/guild has activate this feature from the bot.


This command removes your userdata completely and will remove the given role in the connected discord-servers/-guilds with the automated role assignment - feature activated. Example: !remove


Shows your current saved rank Example: !apexrank


Shows your current saved rank Example: !qwarzonestats


Shows your current saved rank Example: !qwarzonestats

setuproles for Apex Legends

Example: !gsetuproles apex

This command is only for the discord-server/guild-owner executable. For security reason I decided to reduce the function to activate the automated role assignment to the owner of the discord-guild. There are too many guilds out there with so many roles based on already existing implementations. This is also the reason why the bot will create new roles for each game you will activate with this command. At the moment its only Apex Legends, but like I already wrote down, there will be more games added in future. After the roles for Apex Legends are created the bot has the feature activated. Registered users will be automatically assigned to the rankrole based on the ingame-rank.

Note: I don't want to disturb the view of grouped members in the member-sidebar. So I decided to just create the roles without activating the flag "group users based on the role". Color and to group the users based on the roles or only some roles beginning with the rank 'Platinum' should be in my opinion something defined by an admin or discord-user with the required permissions.