My first experience with GCP (Google Cloud Platform).

After testing Microsoft Azure and AWS I was still looking for another good looking and easy to handle solution for my different projects. But first I've started with the biggest question. So let's start at the beginning of the journey...

Why you should use a cloud hosting solution

Sure, as a developer you can handle it to set up everything manually to serve your application. But is it really the best solution? No. Some developers still have the opinion to set up the environment manually without any documentation, cause everything is just "basic" and code is documentation enough. That definetly unleash the HELL! Using "grep" and "find" is not a solution to handle missing documentation.

Slicing the complexity to smaller pieces like eating a pizza. Sure you could wrap the whole pizza! But its easier with small pieces.

Reducing the complexity also means to reduce the maintenance costs. Finding the error in a application is still one of the largest expenditure of time. Google Cloud Platform serves very good solutions to get your application done in a reasonable time. It took around 20 minutes to connect GCP with my GitHub, creating the app.yaml and serving the first application. Now i could also create a trigger to serve my application automatically. Google Cloud Build would build and deploy my application after a commit to my master branch.

For example we want to set up a Java Spring Boot application and a standalone database. We could slice our pizza, I mean the environment, in two pieces.

Later we could also cut the services from the application in different pieces. Each service scalable on its own environment to handle the different amount of requests. Especially most used services could be handled that way with a loadbalancer and vertical scaling to get a great performance. Reducing the bottleneck to serve a great user-experience.

Google Cloud Platform is easy to use and fast to create and serve your workspace.


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