I thought everything would be easier if I would have the space for it...

But how i should start and what is really important to feel good and also to be productive. It was a long journey and at the moment i can only say - everything is new and beautiful but is it really the final version of my personal office? Don't know at the moment, I can say it's the best solution I ever had.

Let's start with the journey but a little bit more compact and shorter than it really took.

The desk: I always focused on desks and this was definitely false. I thought it would change everything if the desk could be bigger and serves more space for my different kind of equipment.

Decoration & colors: Depends on your space you should also think about the type of decoration and especially the used colors. I've never thought about decoration or used colors before, but it makes a really huge different at the end! We have three main categories to create our fitting space for the home-office. The desk, decoration and used colors.

Flowers: Okay guys.... unfortunately, we have to remove the cactus. It's not enough and more an "addable" flower. You really need a plant with big green leaves. It makes a huge different and you will get more quality. If you are lazy about watering your flowers and plants, just get a Raspberry PI as automatic plant watering or another solution in your gardening-store.

The room: Okay, I have the space at home to create a room with my office-stuff. Able to close the room at weekend and also don't need to enter the room. The room is like a square, so I had to think about the selection, wich side I would prefer to build up my desk (or desks?). First of all, I don't like it to sit behind a door and also after some years sitting with a door to my left, I suggest the right-side, sitting in front of my screens and the door is to my right. It's for me more naturally to look to the right side than to the left. Okay now more details. What is about all the stuff? All the folders and utilities... never again this kind of open cupboards! It's a mess at the end and you will never able to put all your stuff in this little boxes. You need something to close with a clean design. That’s the key!

You need maximum 3 colors in your mind, use for example https://color.adobe.com/de/trends to find your best matching colors.
I love it white and some elements in black. So I am able to set a highlight color with some decoration-objects. For example using a bronze colored lamp is a great fitting. But also a wired-optic from IKEA is a great fit!

Friends: Invite your dudes and duderines in your plans. After talked with a friend about my plans everything was like a reset again. Sometimes it can hurt yes, but at the end you find a way better solution and you got a more optimized plan. At the end my friend told me to do something really crazy! “Paint the wall with your screens in a dark, really really dark grey!” First moment I was really shocked cause I was thinking more about a sunlight, very bright and friendly room. One complete wall in a really dark grey would crash everything... I supposed...

The paint was still a little bit wet, after everything was dry there are no stripes to see anymore.

No, nothing crashed and everything was still okay! And now let's start with the real chaos!

Look at the first screen at the wall! Damn its so hot! ...

And finally everything....

After all - I cleaned up my desk and everything was cleaned and I was really happy cause it looks great! I like it very much. Especially the dark-grey wall is perfectly for the screens. It's much better for the eyes, cause of the missing focus objects while you are sitting in front of a white painted wall. This is really the biggest change! Just paint the white wall into a deep dark grey. Amazing.