This bot was developed to manage voicechannels on Discord.


!vsetup This command will start the setup manually, if not already started automatically by joining the server. A general category and a trigger channel will be created.

The VoiceBot automatically creates a new category for the managed voice channels and a corresponding voice channel for triggering the "creation process".

When a user joins the default voice channel, a user-specific voice channel is created, with separate user rights so that only the channel-creator can see and use the channel. The other people must be invited by the channel-creator using the Invite function and the bot will give the users the necessary rights to see the voice-channel. As server administrators, all channels can of course be viewed.

If the channel is no longer in use, it will be automatically removed and, if necessary, the created category will be removed as well. This is because categories are created with the help of the provided activity of the user. These can be game titles or simply music applications. The individual voice channels are assigned to the individual categories. Your discord is always kept tidy.

Support - Discord

Fastest support you can get is to join my personal discord:



example: !vprivate

  • Makes a new private Voice channel (if you're not in one/don't already own one)
  • If you share your activity in Discord, the voicebot will create a category with the name of the activity, like the name of a game. The new created voicechannel will be assigned to the category.


!vallow @person

  • Invites users who are mentioned
  • Can mention more than one at a time
  • Invited/allowed users can join the prvate channel, other users are not able to join the created private voice-channel.


Creating a channel with the "+ add channel". Joining the "+ add channel" and the bot will automatically create your voicechannel.

  • This channel is publicly accessible



  • shows a list of help commands for each command

Note: Please check your already existing discord-permissions otherwise if you need help join the support-guild and write in the #support textchannel. I will help you as soon as possible.

Thank you for using the Bot!

If you need help, join the Discord-Server.